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Highchair designhaus (HCd) is a design shop of two full-time designer/programmers. J Hogue and Jamie Re are the core of HCd, but the company is always interested in collaboration, working with other designers and developers on an as needed basis. 

So What Makes HCD So Special?

Why should my business hire a designer?

Traditionally, designers have been considered akin to carpenters; sure, they can do the work, but how difficult is it to swing a hammer?

Instead, we’d rather think of design as akin to architecture; you could buy some plans and build it yourself (and look like everyone else on the block), or you could hire an expert to build something new and innovative.

So then, why Highchair designhaus?

Because we listen and understand and respond with expertise. Because we are willing to work within your budget and time constraints. Because we don’t try to sound smart by using over-inflated marketing buzz words or etheral acronyms. Because we will explain it if you are confused. Because it should be done right the first time. Because your money should be spent wisely. Because we love what we do, and we have fun doing it.

What can you do?

HCd can start at any point in the process to help you and your company brand and market a product or service. We have worked on branding projects where we helped a company come up with a name, designed them a logo, and built them a website and printed brochure. We have worked with logos already designed and have worked within existing campaigns to provide a design that is congrous with the rest of the company’s literature. We have worked with lawyers, doctors, artists, caterers, linen suppliers, photographers, restaurants, magazines, kitchen designers, architects, real estate companies, entertainment specialists, state agencies, and a slew of other types of small to medium sized businesses.

I have to ask, why the name?

The first reason is that its fun, different, and easy to remember. The concept behind it, though, is metaphorical. We like to think of a highchair as a means to bring a small (baby) business to the adult’s table. Also, the naiveté of a child and the way they can sometimes look at the world inspires us.

Still have questions?

Feel free to give us a call at 401.312.0415 to set up a consultation or contact us by email at

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