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Welcome! The Highchair designhaus Content Management System (HCd>CMS) was developed in 2007 and has been growing and improving ever since. We developed it because we were frustrated with the level of customization that most off-the-shelf solutions offered, like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Since then, over 30 different clients have hired us to implement the system – everyone from large non-profits, to event organizations, to artists and online stores. Since we designed it with the user in mind, our system is easy to use and easy to make your own, giving the client the ability to manage their own content.

The Benefits

A CMS gives the power of creating or editing content to the client. Once designed and set up, a website can remain in the hands of the client for a few years before it may need a user interface or bnranding upgrade. Clients can create pages, edit text, style text, upload and place images, create image galleries, and create and edit events on the fly. Simply log in, and get going.

The Standard Features

The HCd>CMS standard package lets the client:

  • Create Areas and Pages: Areas are containers for pages to live in. Think of them as the first tier of navigation. Pages contain the actual text and image content. The most basic website has the ability to create pages, move them around, reorder them, and apply styles to text.
  • Upload and Manage Images: The HCd>CMS gives you controls to upload images to your website and place them within text, with several options for placing them in cutom ways. Further customization can be added as we design the site.
  • Upload and Manage Documents: Just like images, the HCd>CMS makes it easy to manage links to all sorts of document types. No HTML knowledge needed.
  • Create Image Galleries: In addition to managing single images, the system also let's the user gather images together into Galleries, which can be displayed as a pop-over slideshow with captions, or as an animated carousel slideshow of images. The same gallery can be inserted into different pages in different ways.
  • Email rewriting: Email addresses within the text of a page are searched for and encrypted to protect addresses from Harvet-Bots – little software crawlers that look for email addresses and add them to Spam lists. Again, no need to write HTMl to make an email address into a link.

There are also a number of features that can be combined to make your website do exactly what you need it to do. Ask about pricing to add these features to a new site or an existing HCd>CMS site.

  • Blog Management: Create posts, date them, and organize them into a blog format. Great for a website's "News" section, but can also be installed to let multiple authors manage their own blog content.
  • Event Calendar Management: Create events, add images, and organize them into a calendar or list format. Events have their own pages, which makes it easier for people to help spread the word virally via Twitter, Facebook, and similar services. Events can be single day or multi-day, and can have event types or venues associated with them as well.
  • Product Management: For the client who needs to sell a few items, but does not need a full online store, the HCd>CMS can manage items by using a PayPal account. Upload an image or two, create a description and add a price. Insert the product onto a page just like an image or document. Manage your PayPal account email in one place.
  • Video Management: While the system does not accept uploads of video directly, the system can help manage links to YouTube or other sites like Vimeo. Upload a thumbnail for the video, insert the link to YouTube or Vimeo, and organize the video into whatever category you like. This makes it easy to manage your videos into "channels" to display on your website. See IconSnowskates.com for a good example.
  • E-Newsletter Blasts: Our email blast system make it easy to pull existing content off of your site to send out to any number of email groups that you like. Individuals can manage their subscriptions so as to control Spam. While not as sophisticated as a service like ConstantContact – no click tracking built-in yet – the benefit is a built-in system to send email out to large groups with no extra fee (services like Constant Contact are a monthly fee). Since we design the intial templates for you, your email blasts will have a consistent look and feel with your brand.

Since this is OUR system, many more types of custom functions can be built into it. Ask about custom feature pricing! Just take a look at some of our portfolio sites for ideas on how your website can work better.