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One person’s Manifesto

It took me 8 years to launch this site

To be clear, I didn‘t put 8 years of effort into it, but I started and stopped too many times. I was distracted by design ideas, passing fads, trends, and new ways to use the latest tech to deliver an interesting experience. I switched CMSs. I went to no CMS. I got stuck chasing ideas. I was trying to make this website perfect. And we all should know:

Perfection is the enemy of done

Someone smart who presumably finished things

So why did I stop/start here?

I decided to do a non-design, or rather, to leverage HTML and a minimal amount of CSS to concentrate on the content. HTML gives us great power without much work — isn’t it better to use for what it does best?

What did I get without much effort?

What did I avoid?

Geeky things:

A web for Everyone

My corner of the web is a minuscule part of a vast universe, but it is still mine and I still care about the people that might find it. By keeping the footprint of this site small, I hope the content will load quick in situations where connections are less than ideal, I hope the accessibility of HTML can shine because I am using best practices for semantic markup, and I hope that the reader feels the power to make my content appear in the manner that they prefer. I make very few assumptions for aesthetics that can’t be overridden by someone who needs bigger type or more contrast.

Plans for the Future

I don’t plan to be design agnostic forever. Instead, I plan to experiment and have fun with CSS and JS on a case-by-case basis. The blog will start simple, but when I feel that an article deserves some special attention, I will design it as a one off. No hard-and-fast system, but instead a chance to design to the content.

I’m excited about it.


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